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Visualize and Embed APIs with Ease.

Add value to data by making it more accessible.

With FestApi, you can visualize and embed data from any JSON API with just a few clicks. Our visualizations are customizable to your individual style and require no coding skills, saving you hours of time.

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What You See Is What You Get !

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Join the democratization of APIs

Adding value to data begins with FestApi. Sign up with FestApi starting at €6.99 per month to create your own engaging, customizable and ready-to-share API visualizations with just a few clicks.

Click the link below to explore FestApi. We offer a free 7-day trial of our premium plan with all features and no credit card required upon sign-up.


Easy to use

Manifest your API with just a few clicks and keystrokes, no coding required. Our application will guide you through the one-time process. When the data changes, so do the visualizations.



By unleashing your APIs to a truly public use, you maximize their value. We also provide insightful statistics on when and where on the web your visualizations get views.



Our point-and-click API explorer is schema-independent. No API? No problem! You can also stream live data with simple keyboard input. Finally, you can customize the chart design or let visitors choose from a list of ready-made themes.

Unleash the full value of data from APIs

Visualizing data that you want your audience to see and understand is crucial. If you have data in an API that you want developers and non-developers alike to consume, you need to make it accessible.

Visualizations produced by our intuitive no-code tools not only look nice, but are designed to be shared and embedded, again and again.

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Create and customize beautiful visualizations of APIs and data streams easily and rapidly - with just a few clicks.


Get the most out of data by sharing and enabling others to embed your visualizations.


Gain unique insight into the visibility of your APIs.


No API? No problem! You can also stream live data with keyboard input.

One platform, multiple stakeholders, various use cases

Minimal setup, no coding required, endless possibilites. For step-by-step instructions on using FestApi, see here.


API Owners

API Owners can maximize the reach of their API by providing users with convenient tools for data visualization and sharing. Through FestApi's built-in analytics features the owners also gain unique insight on API adoption rate.

Example: API owners wanting to maximize their return on investment in their APIs by increasing engagement rate



With FestApi, web developers can easily and quickly create and integrate a visualization of an API into their applications, while saving precious time for less mundane tasks.

Example: front-end developers with high standards and deadlines


Content creators & API consumers

Ever found an interesting API, but did not have the time or resources to turn the data into a beautiful and effective visualization? FestApi enables you to do just that with just a few keystrokes and without any need to code.

Examples: blogger wishing to showcase followers interesting data from an API (e.g. air quality, financial, sports results to name a few)



Do you have interesting data that you want your audience to see and grasp, but no API? No problem! With FestApi you can also stream your data and turn simple keyboard input into real-time visualizations. Extremely minimal setup, no coding required.

Examples: store owner streaming data on queuing length, stock availability and endless others