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Introducing universal JSON API schema support and chart style customization

and on November 7th, 2020

We are excited to announce the introduction of new features to FestApi! For the past couple of weeks, we have worked hard on making our API explorer as powerful as possible and making the chart styles customizable.

The space of possible JSON schemas is vast and often unpredictable. Two APIs providing the same type of data often have very distinctive schemas for their output. Consider for example stock price data from two different sources:

Yahoo Finance API Schema
Extract of Yahoo Finance schema
(timestamps are in a separate array)
AlphaVantage API Schema
Extract of AlphaVantage schema
(timestamps as keys to nested values)

To overcome this, we have made our API explorer more powerful and flexible, enabling our users to visualize any JSON API with a few clicks. We believe our solution is quite universal and should provide a pleasant and smooth user experience. If you happen to find a schema that is not supported, please let us know and we will look into it.

Additionally, we have introduced the possibility to customize the style of the visualizations with a neat user interface. This will allow our users to match the style of the visualization to the occasion, whether you are visualizing sighting of killer whales or the weather on Mars:

We hope you enjoy these new features!

Keywords: API, visualization, no-code, schema-independent

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A greater share of people embrace pineapple on pizza than APIs

on October 20th, 2020

I wanted to gauge the general public's API awareness. So I approached the public through Reddit's SampleSize subreddit. I know, not the most representative sample of the general public, but bear with me for now.

Out of the total 19 answers, the majority (14 respondents) did report knowing what an API (defined as application programming interface) is. That's good, yes. A higher amount than I expected - possibly due to sample bias in Reddit's user base compared to the general public? However, almost a third (4 respondents out of 14) of those who responded yes, reported that they have not used an API during the last six months either because they do not know how to (3 respondents) or because they have not found a suitable API for their needs (1 respondent).

Concluding from this, it can be calculated that 9 out of the 19 respondents (47%) either do not know what an API is or do know what an API is but have not used one either due to lack of skills or due to unavailability of relevant APIs. For API owners and publishers, this is like leaving money on the table. By increasing awareness and providing better tools and access to APIs for the general public, API owners and publishers could increase their return on investment on APIs. At FestApi, we believe that providing ready-made API visualizations or tools to access APIs without any coding skills pave the way towards greater API adoptation and subsequently more value.

Pineapple pizza
52.9% embracement rate
52.6% embracement rate

As for the bold statement regarding pineapple pizza, YouGov reports 52.9% of respondents liking pineapple on pizza. My results indicate that 10 out of 19 (52.6%) respondents know what an API is and have used one in the past six months. With these figures at hand (52.9% for pizza and 52.6% for APIs) it is the result of simple math to conclude that currently 0.3 %-points more of the general public embrace pineapple on pizza than APIs.

With FestApi I am confident that we can make an impact and turn these figures the other way around.

Keywords: API, visualization, democratization, no-code, survey